Gran-Export Ltd. is a private company, founded by an agricultural engeneer, Dr. Lajos Sedlak, in 1994. The central office of this family owned company was set up in Hungary’s 2nd biggest city, Debrecen, close to the Romanian and Ukranian border. The main business scope covers a huge product scale, mainly in the agricultural, gardening and hobby sectors, manufacturing, importing and commercializing a very wide assortment of items.


In the first two years, the company started to sell on the Hungarian market all kinds of agricultural input materials, but mostly Hybridcorn and Sunflower seed. From year 1996 we expanded our product portfolio with agricultural chemical products (herbicides, insecticides, etc…), giving a complete assortment of products for the dedicated large scale farmer. After realising the possibility of filling in an existing gap in the retail market for gardening, and small packed agricultural products, we decided to open a store in 1996 in our hometown, Debrecen which helped and helps us a lot in overcoming the cashflow situation generated time to time by the huge financial help that we give to our buyers with long payement terms.

As  an integrator, Gran-Export Ltd. gives a complete solution for all farmers and affiliates, from long payement terms, through seed production contracts, to the research and help of positioning final agricultural products on local and foreign markets.

From the begining of year 2001, we started the contracted production of red clover, alfalfa and turf and forage type grass seed, as we bought a company (Garden '93 Ltd), which had the facilities for cleaning, manipulating and packing the mentioned products.
In the past few years,as of raising demand on the local retail market, we have made big efforts to develope an own product line for the hobby gardener, including small packed seeds, fertilizers, flowerbulbs, etc…, going from a few own products to the actual position, where we can proudly offer to our partners a range of more than 500 own branded products.

Smaller part of our own branded products are sold in our retail stores, bigger part gets to our final buyers through supermarket chains all over the country, and in Romania.

As a complete solution, we offer to our partners logistic services too, making direct deliveries with our own vehicles, which are able to deliver from 1 tonn up to 20 tonns of any kind of product.

Besides being stronger each day on the supermarket line, we also dedicate a lot of time and efforts to be present with our own sales points in more and more places in the eastern part of Hungary, having 7 offices and warehouses in Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Tiszafüred, Karcag and a construction site with the same purpose in Nyiregyháza, which will be constructed soon.

Besides the growth in sales points, we are proud to say that our annual revenue grew simmultaneously and in the past years our team of collegues reached 60 persons.

In the second half of year 2004 came a big change in the life of Gran-Export Ltd., when the owners of such purchased Blondy és Társa Ltd., one of the best known hobby gardening product manufacturer in the Hungarian market, with a flourishing past, and a possibility for an even bigger growth, in an unknown field for Gran-Export.

Blondy és Társa Ltd. introduced its products in the local and Romanian market from 1993, mostly in the category of small packed vegetable-, flower- and herbseeds, and by the time of purchase had a great reputaion in the retail- and wholesale market, and in some supermarkets too.
Through the purchase of Blondy és Társa Kft. we got the possibility to get to know better the world of supermarkets, thanks to the big range, good quality and competitive prices of our products.
From year 2005 we started the cooperation with 3 supermarket chains in the Hungarian market, and actually we supply a very wide assortment of products to the following chains:

  5. CORA
  6. METRO
  7. OBI
  9. PLUS
  13. SPAR CSOPORT (Spar, Interspar, Kaiser's)

In the mentioned storechains and  for our other partners also, we always keep on innovating and enlarging our assortment of gardening, hobby and freetime products in the following main categories:

  6. GRILL TERMÉKEK (Faszén, grill kellékek, stb…)

In the year 2006 we expanded our horizons towards the Chinese market, where actualy we produce 180 different gardening and freetime (machinery, tools, irrigation components, sprayers, grill products,  etc…) items, with our own brand, GARDENMASTER, giving our buyers a trustworthy quality for a very competitive price.

The gained experience, our Chinese relations and the growing demand for very different kind of products gave us the possibility to take a look into a totally different business, the activity of sourcing, finding, transporting and financing of a very wide range of products, not related at all with our original business scope, giving to our buyers a complete Door to Door service for the products that they are looking for.

In the year 2007 we imported raw materials (steelcoils – GI, PPGI), machinery (Sandwich Panel Production Line), wire- and PE meshes, etc…, with great satisfaction of all our customers, and this new sector keeps on growing very fast in the year 2008, thanks to our good and complete service and competitive prices.  We welcome all kinds of requests and would be very happy to start a long term relation with your esteemed company.

We hope that by using our experince and taking in consideration the achieved goals throughout the past 15 years, we can give better service to our present and future partners and that in the upcoming years our market share will keep on growing as it has in the past.

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